A study of sports competitive anxiety, self concept and self confidence between all India Inter university female players of team and individual game

The purpose of the present study was to determine the Anxiety, Self-concept and Self-confidence between female players of All India University Team and Individual games. To obtain data for this study, the investigator had selected One hundred Twenty (N=120) subjects, out of which sixty (N=60) from Team Game and sixty (n=60) from Individual Game, who […]


In Sanskrit `Kundal’ means ‘coiled up’. Kundalini is referred as an energy lying dormant at the base of the spine in a coiled form. According to yoga system Kundalini lies curled up in the rear section of muladhara chakra in 3 and one half spins across the sacrum. Kundalini can be assumed as a great […]


Objective: The objective of the study was to find out the relationship of Flexibility and anthropometric characteristics. Methodology: The subjects for the present study were selected from B.H.U. The total number of subjects for the present study was 20 male batsmen who participated in inter university cricket tournament. The data was collected during the morning […]

Impact of Bhramari Pranayama on Cardio Respiratory Endurance among the Cricket Players with Special Reference to Prakriti (Psycho-somatic Constitution)

Pranayama is an integral part of Asthanga Yoga, which improves our respiratory functions as well as overall health.  Game of Cricket is mainly concerned with endurance and stamina of the players. Best performance in the game is very important for each Player. Pranayama promotes good health of an individual and helps to achieve better performance. […]

SAQ as Predictors of Blockers Performance in Volleyball

In the present study, three objectives were formulated: First objective was to characterize male volleyball university level players on their SAQ Characteristics. Second objective was to find out relationship between SAQ Characteristics and performance of male university level volleyball players. Third objective was to estimate volleyball performance on the basis of SAQ Characteristics. Twenty male […]