Recent Research into the Value of Quality Physical Education and School Sports

This paper provides an overview of the findings and implications of recent research that is relevant in considering the prospective benefits and thus, the value, of Physical Education. The paper acknowledges physical activity and sports as central to Physical Education and therefore also discusses research examining physical activity and sports in schools. Physical Education is […]

A Comparative Study of Emotional Intelligence among the Underweight, Normal weight, Overweight and Obese Students of Dibrugarh University

The purpose of the study was to compare the emotional intelligence among the underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese students of Dibrugarh University. The study was based on a sample of total 74 (seventy four) students of Dibrugarh University (59 male, 15 female), N1= 8 (6 male, 2 female) from underweight, N2= 53 (44 male, […]

Doping In Sports: A Review

The use of drugs to improve performance in sports is prevalent since ancient times. The use of drugs to enhance Physical performance and muscular development has been observed for thousand of year. Doping incident have become an integral part of sports Elite athletes have used performance enhancing stimulants since the ancient games. The word doping […]