Study of Relationship between life Attitude profiles and Personality factors Hockey Players

This research study to find out and investigate the relationship between life attitude profiles and personality factors among north zone interuniversity male hockey players. The researcher has been studied about personality profiles of male Hockey players at level of North zone interuniversity as a focal point and differences due to gender as a subsidiary interest. […]

Sportspersonship in the University Football and Volleyball Players of Haryana State

The purpose of the study was to examine sportspersonship orientation in youth football and volleyball players. Participants of the study were 102 male and female university football and volleyball players from different universities of Haryana. Result suggested that male rather than female players, older rather than younger players, and football rather than volleyball players have […]

Vital Capacity among Football Players

The present study focused on the vital capacity of football players of Gulbarga district, study compared the vital capacity among college level and inter university level football players groups. The study objective to find out the difference in the level of vital capacity among sample groups. Fifty college level football players and fifty inter university […]

Comparative Study on Sports Participation in Inter University Basketball Tournaments

The present study based on the survey method, the researcher tried to understand the status of the degree colleges in the inter university basketball competitions. In the present study the researcher taken twenty four government and thirty two private degree colleges which were represented the inter university basketball competitions since 2012 to 2017. The total […]

Influence of Sports Facilities on the Sports Participation at Inter University Ball Badminton

The present study based on survey method, the researcher selected government and private colleges those had participated in inter university ball badminton competitions since 2012 to 2017 total five years data sports participation was taken in consideration for the study. Further the data was compared with government and private colleges of Hyderabad Karnataka region. The […]

A Study of Alienation among Sport/Non-Sport Persons

The present study is an attempt to study the alienation dimension of mental health among sport/non-sport persons and gender. The sample is of a scattered nature and a list of sport/non-sport persons is prepared from the different colleges of Uttarakhand state. The total sample consisted of 300 sport/non-sport persons selected through random sampling. Mithila Mental […]

A Study to Predict the Volleyball Playing Ability on Basis of Physical and Psychological Variables

Purpose of the present study was to identify the physical and psychological variables who can best predict the volleyball playing ability. For the purpose of study fifty male Volleyball players was selected purposely from different sports hostels and colleges of UP i.e. Lucknow and Gorakhpur Sports College, Allahabad and Dewaria Sports Hostel. The age of […]

Estimating feeder’s performance of basketball players on the basis of selected coordinative abilities

The objective of the study was to estimate feeder’s performance on the basis of selected coordinative abilities. A total of fifty basketball male players were selected who played feeders position of basketball game. All the selected basketball players were from different universities of the country who participated in all India inter university basketball championship. The […]