Comparative Study of Sports Competitive State Anxiety among the Hockey Players of Gorakhpur University

The purpose of the present study was to find out sports competitive state anxiety level among the hockey players. A total 40 hockey players were selected from various colleges affiliated to the Gorakhpur University, (U.P). The sports competitive state anxiety test (SCAT) given by Martens et al. (1990) was used to measure the anxiety level […]

To study the swatya bodh as predictors of Sports Persons. A total of 200 subjects (100 subjects from urban, while another 100 subjects were from rural), who were selected randomly from the various games available across both urban and rural areas school students of Jodhpur (Rajasthan) The age of the players ranged between 15 to […]

Blood Doping: Is It Really Worth It?

Blood doping has become an integral part of sports and fair play. It enhances your performance by increasing red blood cell mass and thereby delivering more oxygen to muscle. This manipulation has gained notoriety in the sports world for what it can do for an athlete during endurance events. Special concern has been expressed that […]

Prevalence and Awareness of Diabetes among College Teachers in Chhattisgarh

The purpose of this study was to determine and compare the prevalence and awareness regarding diabetes beteen teachers of higher education in Chhattisgarh. Total 520 college teachers, 254 males and 266 female from different colleges of Chhattisgarh state were selected as a sample for the study. Result of the study revealed, very low prevalence of […]

Recent Research into the Value of Quality Physical Education and School Sports

This paper provides an overview of the findings and implications of recent research that is relevant in considering the prospective benefits and thus, the value, of Physical Education. The paper acknowledges physical activity and sports as central to Physical Education and therefore also discusses research examining physical activity and sports in schools. Physical Education is […]

SAQ as Predictors of Blockers Performance in Volleyball

In the present study, three objectives were formulated: First objective was to characterize male volleyball university level players on their SAQ Characteristics. Second objective was to find out relationship between SAQ Characteristics and performance of male university level volleyball players. Third objective was to estimate volleyball performance on the basis of SAQ Characteristics. Twenty male […]