Comparative Study of Sports Competitive State Anxiety among the Hockey Players of Gorakhpur University

The purpose of the present study was to find out sports competitive state anxiety level among the hockey players. A total 40 hockey players were selected from various colleges affiliated to the Gorakhpur University, (U.P). The sports competitive state anxiety test (SCAT) given by Martens et al. (1990) was used to measure the anxiety level […]

Impact of Isolated and Combined Core Strength Training on Selected Pulmonary Variables (VO2 and FEV1)

For the purpose of the study 45 students from Government Higher Secondary school Kumarchi Tamil Nadu India were selected as subjects. The subjects were divided into three (3) groups of fifteen (15), namely yogic practice group, core strength and combined training group. The VO2max (Maximum oxygen consumption) and FEV1 (Forced Expiratory Volume One Second) were […]

Comparative Study of Selected Motor Fitness Components and Anthropometric Variables of Regular and Ad-Hoc Male Teaching Staff of Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya Bilaspur

The aim of the present study was to compare selected motor fitness components and anthropometric variables of regular and ad-hoc male teaching staff of Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya bilaspur. For the purpose of the present study 40 (forty) male regular and ad-hoc teaching staff (20 from regular teaching staff and 20 from ad-hoc teaching staff) were […]

To study the swatya bodh as predictors of Sports Persons. A total of 200 subjects (100 subjects from urban, while another 100 subjects were from rural), who were selected randomly from the various games available across both urban and rural areas school students of Jodhpur (Rajasthan) The age of the players ranged between 15 to […]

Effects of Twelve Weeks Psychological Skill Training Program on selected psychological variables of College Aged Delhi (NCR) males

The purpose of the study was to measure the effect of Psychological Skill Training Program (PST) on the selected psychological variables including Goal setting, Self-confidence, Imagery, Stress Control and Relaxation.  In college aged Delhi-NCR males. For conducting the study purposive sampling of 48 males with age (21.22±1.17), height (166.96±3.90) and weight (61.41±3.65) have been done. […]

Self-Stretching in Standing Position to Improve Flexibility of Ilio-tibial Band Tightness

Objective: To determine the most efficient and effective stretch method for improving the flexibility of iliotibial band (ITB) by comparing the self-stretching in standing position of arms extending overhead (Group-A) and affected side arm placed on the wall (Group-B). Methods: An experimental study was conducted among 20 male athletic students aged 18 -28 years who had […]